Why Obstacle Course Racing?

Quite a few people ask me why the hell I would want to continuously go out with the aim of running through mud, jumping in ice baths, potentially injuring myself and signing a death waiver each time. The answer is simple…it’s a great experience and the pain is forgotten once you overcome the fears and challenges.

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) has built up a huge following in recent years, I’m still relatively new to the whole thing and have only really indulged in 1 major brand thus far. My first Tough Mudder was in 2013 at the old Midlands course, I signed up with a group of mates not really knowing what to expect. I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable days I’ve ever had, the teamwork and cameraderie we had around the course kept us pumped through all of the miles that none of us really prepped for.

After a year off in 2014, we signed up again to London West TM in May 2015, and then instantly for the London South course in September of that year. The September event was difficult for me having recently become a father and developed a ‘dadbod’. Then 2017 was the year of the Mudder with 12 events being completed.

My limited exposure to OCR has only really been with Tough Mudder, the charity work last year involved this brand and I have absolutely loved the experience. One of the hugely impressive traits of the OCR network is how supportive everyone is of the work and effort others put in to training and out on course.

Having spent a bit more time researching the different events and following the progress of others on Instagram, I have seen that there are a number of stars of OCR who I would now consider to be an inspiration for training. I find their posts motivational and sometimes awe-inspiring. These are people who spend a large amount of time training to complete extraordinary things out on courses around the world. Names such as Ryan Atkins, Hunter McIntyre, Robert Killian, Lindsay Webster, Allison Tai, Rea Kobl plus many more achieve so much but are humble in their achievements, supporting others round courses and offering words of encouragement to those who need it.

Running around in mud is one part of the fun but the other is the sense of community that comes as part and parcel of taking part in the events!

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