Week 2 – The early morning struggle & advantages of running with others

So now, 2 weeks in, another reflection of the progress from this week.

I found this week harder than the previous one. The early morning wake ups were tougher to do and the legs were feeling it midweek. That being said, it has been another great week for accomplishments towards my goals, I’ve been a bit better with the diet and actually set a couple of new PBs.

Monday morning heralded a 4:45am wake up time in order to get out with the dog and get to the gym for 6. I like to get to work at 7am every day as I’m more productive before the start of the working day. A solid 3km on a new route and a slightly different gym workout were a great success. I swapped the bench press for 2 dumbbells due to a lack of spotter that early in the morning. Hitting 4 unassisted pull-ups showed progression at this early stage.

The struggle to get up for the next 2 days was evident in the fact that I didn’t manage my run with Chester on Tuesday. I think he noticed this as he seemed to go off of food the next morning and was out of sorts. I’m not one for evening runs, I prefer to go out in the morning to get it done early in the day, however I went out with the dog on Wednesday evening and boy did he go for it! A new 1 mile PB and 3km completed in 12 mins 30 seconds ruined both of us!

I decided to take him out on a longer run on Friday evening and he smashed 5km without any real issue. I don’t think he will struggle with this distance in the later months of my plan. 

I’ve stuck to the other sessions this week well and today was the longer run for the week. 3 of us headed out to the woods to try some trail running with the aim of 10-12 miles, a slight increase on last week. We ended up feeling relatively comfortable with the distance and got through 14 miles, my longest distance. It was also really hilly with an elevation gain that rivalled some of the Tough Mudder events last year. I’ve actually ended up covering a greater mileage than last week and have almost covered my 100km target for the month. I didn’t manage a plank this week but had a lot of KB swings in the bootcamp sessions in which I focused on the squeeze at the end. 

Meal prep has been better, I made a few lunches on Sunday and they lasted the week, breakfast was better and then dinner was a lot healthier than the weekend. My wife is trying out being a vegetarian for a few weeks so I’m going to go with that on some of the meals – I’m not entirely convinced/committed to cutting meat out entirely just yet. 

January targets

100km running – 85 km done

3km with dog – Done Mon, Wed-Fri (5km Fri)

3 minute plank – Incomplete this week

5 pull ups – 4 currently

KB swing technique – Working the buttcheeks well

The main thing this week has been the motivation that exercising with others can provide. The run this morning had the potential to be a mental challenge with the incline and terrain, however running in a small group meant that conversation took the focus away from this and resulted in an impressive distance. Going out with the dog also forces me to run faster because of the amount of energy he has. This mix of faster pace weekday runs and more comfortable ones at the weekend is meaning I’m feeling comfortable at the moment. 

Next week will probably provide its own challenges and I’m aiming to get up every morning for the dog. If you can, head out with others to keep yourself motivated and push through the challenges that runs can bring. Focus on completion of a goal can bring great rewards, I saw this last night when watching a close mate win his first boxing match after putting in a pretty good shift training and prepping for it. I’m looking forward to hitting my targets in the coming months.

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