Marching past last month

Last month didn’t fully go to plan, mileage targets were missed and the routine was disrupted. Simply put life got in the way! The plan was to continue upping the mileage and push on in the gym but late nights at work coupled with some missed long runs meant that I didn’t finish where I wanted to be.

On the plus side, the missed long runs were due to Mother’s day and a trip with work to France. Time with family and new experiences are well worth sacrificing the training plan for. I did manage my longest run to date, hitting the 20 mile mark in fairly decent time a few weeks ago. It was painful, my right kneecap was sore at the end, but at least I know that I’ve got that mileage in my legs going forward.

April is Tough Mudder month, the season finally gets underway in a few weeks and there is a little over a month until Europe’s Toughest. The plan for this month is simple, get back out there and push on with the training runs and the gym. 2 weeks off of work for the Easter break means that I will be getting in a few more hours pounding the pavement and trails as well as a nutrition schedule which (once all the chocolate is eaten) will help bring structure back to what I’m eating.

I’ve also decided to work on my hang time again. It’s been suggested to me to use the pull up bar I have above the door and to do a couple every time I enter/leave the room – something to try out.

One thing that the past few months have taught me is that I’ve got a lot of respect for people who manage to religiously stick to their training plans. Things come up and mean that adjustments are needed. I made grand plans at the start of this year and I still managed a decent (63) mile total last month. With ETM on the horizon now, final kit purchases are needed and trials with them to ensure that I’m comfortable it all before the 8 hour onslaught.

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