A first week reflection

So we are now one full week in to 2018 and I have completed my workout plan (almost) in its entirety. I had to miss the gym on Monday due to it being closed because it was new year. How has it gone? There have been some pros and cons this early on.

I’m not going to lie, the running with the dog has been tough, I didn’t realise just how fast he was going to run until I got out on the first day. He was pulling us round at a pace that was as fast as my 10km PB from last year. We managed a 3km run Mon-Fri and I then took him out on a walk over the weekend because of the amount I ran at bootcamp and this morning. Luckily, as the week progressed he slowed a bit which I’m putting down to tiredness on his behalf and not the fact that I’m pulling back on the lead a bit more!!

I managed the first gym session on Friday which was a big shock to the system again, one that was nice and should hopefully see improvements quite quickly. I’m there again tomorrow morning at 6am so the workout will be complete before the day really starts. I found the bench quite difficult after an upper body intensive bootcamp the night before. The issue with not knowing what bootcamp will be throwing my way is that it will at times interfere with my gym routine, however I’m going to have to tackle the obstacles at ETM with some muscle fatigue already there so I’m seeing the positives in this. I managed 3 unassisted pull ups on the first round, will see if any progress is made next week.

I was pleased with the fact that I managed to get out and run every single day this week. A longer 10 mile run this morning cross country was a challenge with the soreness in my legs from the rest of the week but I got through it with no issues which is a huge positive. I totalled 25.2 miles (40.6km) this week which means I’m well on course to hit my running target for the month! 

My targets were in 5 different areas and although I haven’t specifically had a kettlebell swing session looking at form, I did have kettlebell activities at bootcamp on Tuesday – no back pain so a success. Also managed a 2 minute plank on Wednesday during my rest day.

The main thing that I haven’t got a handle on yet is my diet. I had a plan in mind but didn’t meal prep for the week and therefore didn’t stick to what I had in mind. I’m about to go and start cooking up a load of chicken and sorting my lunches and dinners for the week ahead. This week for breakfasts I’m going to start prepping overnight oats to take to work which are really easy. This part of my routine is where I need to be more organised. With the food prepped, I have less to worry about when getting in from work.

January targets

100km running – 40 km done

3km with dog – Done Mon-Fri

3 minute plank – 2 mins

5 pull ups – 3 currently

KB swing technique – TBC

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